Worthwhile Fundraising Projects

The main fundraising projects are usually centered around people or an individual or animals. However, bettering the world in terms of protecting certain areas or marine life can also be a motivator.

Fundraising for people

Fundraisers for people usually come after tragedy, though it can be to further an individual’s education. Fundraisers that pull at people’s heartstrings are usually more successful. Personal attributes of the person in question, whether they are well-liked in society and maybe a celebrity of sorts, can also benefit a fundraiser.

Fundraising for our furry friends

Everybody loves animals. They are part of everyday life, so when they are left to fend for themselves and people see their suffering, it is easy to feel obliged to help a cause by donating to a fundraiser.

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Fundraising for the planet

People don’t always have to donate to a cause to do their bit towards protecting the planet. They can consider the protection of trees. Many trees are cut down for paper. So, if they want to play bingo, they can do it online rather than at a brick-and-mortar casino where paper will be wasted.

But, if they do want to invest money to save the planet, they can look for fundraising projects by the Colab foundation.

Cancer fundraising

A popular reason for fundraising is cancer. Cancer causes one out of six deaths daily. When fundraisers are launched for cancer, it is not only for affected people but also to further research. While skin cancer is curable, types like melanoma are deadly and can be silent killers.