The information on It Takes Seven will help people to plan, execute and perfect their fundraising projects, whether it is to help a person, people, animals or save the planet. The in-depth content will assist them in putting the plan in action, execute it to perfection, and help them to be successful in reaching their final goal.

It Takes Seven is authentically British, with knowledge about social pages and how to network to get a plan across to as many readers as possible. It is often the smaller details that is left out that make the difference. They have been in business for long enough to help put ideas into practice while being authentic and get audiences interested.

Essentially, fundraisers are for the same thing. It is not all about the money, though the driving power is usually financial. Non-profit organisations rely on donations to provide healthcare for less fortunate individuals.

It doesn’t matter if the fundraiser is a once-off event or if the goal is to start a programme to get monthly donations, all the information needed for perfect execution can be found here.

Unique Characteristics

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To rise above competition, unique characteristics are needed. Role players can expect worthy qualities when they drop by for a meeting.

Great Interpersonal Skills

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Communication is the key to well-executed plans.

Commitment to the Cause

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Whatever a person’s reason for their fundraiser might be, is irrelevant. What is relevant, is assisting them to get it done with success.


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The best guidance is possible with knowledge. At It Takes Seven, research is done to bring knowledge to the table to help clients succeed.


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The key is to be persistent in moving forward to achieving success, despite obstacles.


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Contact It Takes Seven to set up your action plan.


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The blog pages will help you form a plan to get you going.